Kickbox Questions and Feedback


Frequently Asked Questions about Kickbox:

How can I get a red box?

You can download a digital version of the red box by clicking here. This includes high-resolution files for printing and instructions on constructing actual boxes of your own.

Can you send me an actual red box?

We are not able to send you a physical box. However, all the materials to create your own boxes are available for download. In addition, you can use our virtual/digital red box as part of the Kickbox online workshop.

Where do I get the Kickbox materials for my organization?

Instructions for deploying Kickbox within your organization, as well as the materials necessary to create your own boxes, are included in the same red box by digital red box described above. The Deploy section of this site also includes tips for deploying Kickbox based on our experience rolling it out at Adobe.

Can I modify Kickbox for my organization?

Yes! The Kickbox materials are licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike license. The detailed license is part of the download package, but in short, this means you can modify Kickbox however you like to adapt it to your organization as long as you share those modifications for others to use. Please let us know if you do!

About the Kickbox program:

  • What is Kickbox?
  • Who is Kickbox for?
  • What does Kickbox do?
  • What does Kickbox cost?
  • What is the story behind Kickbox?

These questions are addressed in our Discover Kickbox section.

About the deploying Kickbox inside organizations:

  • Who Gets to Kickbox?
  • How can we fund every idea without hearing them?
  • Should we really put $1000 in the box?

These questions are addressed in our Deploy section.

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