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Welcome to Kickbox.

In this workshop, you’ll find all the tools you’ll need on your personal journey into the heart of innovation. We’ll guide you step-by-step through imagining something wonderful, experimenting to make it great, and then turning your vision into reality.

Kickbox can light the way but only you can choose where the journey leads. This is not a training exercise. Kickbox is about doing it for real.

Starting now.

It all begins with a red box

Your Kickbox innovation journey starts with a red box. If your company is sponsoring your journey you may have a physical red box with cards and other tools inside. Otherwise, your red box will be virtual, with tools you’ll download as you progress. The program is the same no matter what type of red box you have.

The red box contains six levels, each with objectives called actions. Complete these actions to advance to the next level. Once you begin, you can only exit the red box by succeeding or by giving up.

Here’s the secret to beating the red box: Don’t give up.

The six levels

Here’s a preview of the six levels in the red box:

Level 1: Inception

To start any journey without understanding your true purpose is to fail before you begin. Your own motivations illuminate the path to success.

Level 2: Ideate

Great ideas emerge from great insight. Learn methods to spark your imagination by observing the world not as it is — but as it should be.

Level 3: Improve

All ideas begin life as bad ideas. Learn how to grow bad ideas into good ideas and the secret of figuring out which is which.

Level 4: Investigate

Is an idea valuable? It’s a question only customers can answer. Find out quickly by validating your ideas with real-world experiments.

Level 5: Iterate

Assess the data from your experiments to evolve your hypotheses. Devise clever experiments to reveal the true nature of your idea.

Level 6: Infiltrate

Even great ideas must prove their worth in corporate combat. To conquer the red box, use data to pitch your idea to your organization.

Beyond the red box

If you conquer the red box, you’ll earn an exceptional prize: a blue box.

What awaits you in the blue box? There’s only one way to find out.

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